Possible Remedies for Painful Aching Toe Joints

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A swelling toe isn’t nice – you’ll want joint pain relief – What remedies are available?

Big Toe Joint Pain could be caused by the onset of arthritis, proper name Hallux Rigidus, or possibly bunions, sometimes it can be the first symptoms of gout. Often it’s just the result of wearing narrow, tight and high heeled shoes. It is true that most of the women who like wearing such shoes are suffering due to the presence of bunions on their feet. Sometimes, this condition is also termed as Hallux Valgus and for most of the people who are battling with this are undergoing a lot of pain. With this condition of the forefoot, the bunion appears like a bump on the inside part of the foot within the joint of one’s big toe.
In some cases osteoarthritis of the big toe causes cartilage in the joint to wear down, bones become exposed and can rub against each other, the friction causing pain.

However, when you have such a condition, you should not worry because there are solutions that can help you eliminate the condition or even relief the pain. If it’s not degenerative joint disease, there are some of the possible remedies for the condition that can help you:

1.Avoid The Shoes That Crowd Your Toes 

It is obvious that the nature of the shoes plays a vital role when it comes to toe pain. You should try to avoid the shoes that crowd your toes, or that have accentuated arches that include high heels and the flat sandals. You should buy a lightweight shoe that offer the required arch support. It is advisable that while buying such shoes, you should buy them in the afternoon when the feet expand to the largest size. You should also buy the shoes that are a bit larger than your regular size. Moreover, you can reduce the toe pain by having a pair of orthotics that are specially designed. The orthotics may be a bit expensive, but you will eliminate the pain associated with the toe joint.

Aching big toe joints2.Rub The Toe For Relief 

This is another effective remedy that can assist you get rid of the condition. Some physiotherapy techniques such as massage can be employed to ease the pain. You have to apply some circular motions to the affected part of the joint. You should start soft then work deeper as you warm up. You can stretch your toe up with your hand as far as possible as you massage deeply with your thumb starting from the upper arch. Besides, you should firmly grip your big toe with one hand as you hold the base of the joint using the opposite hand. Finally, move the toe in a slow and gentle circles and this will help you relieve the pain.

3.Make Use Of Heat And Ice When Appropriate

There are some conditions where you are expected to apply ice and some that requires heat. You should know so as to apply the correct remedy when required. For instance, when you experience swelling, you have to apply ice. The ice will assist in pushing the toxins responsible for the pains away and also reduces inflammation that may cause further pains. You have to use the ice daily for about 12 minutes. When you experience foot ache and stiffness, you have to apply heat. The use of heat will boost the blood circulation in the affected regions, and this will reduce the pain. Again, you can apply for about 12 minutes daily.

4.Make Use Of Corticosteroids 

When you have used some remedies, and they are not effective, you can apply some steroids that are responsible for relieving pains. There are some steroids that are not toxic to the body, and they are very effective for relieving the joint pains. If you have problems identifying the right steroids to use, you can consult a medical expert who will guide you. However, they are not to be applied for a longer period.

5.Make Use Of The Right Medications And Injections 

You can make use of the over the counter NSAIDS or anti-inflammatory medications to assist you eliminate the minor pains and the swelling that are caused by the less serious afflictions. They act very fast and are very effective. Besides, an injection at the joint is another very useful and a wonderful method that can be used to get rid of the pain in the toe. This is mainly for those individuals who cannot afford to be stopped by such pain.

6.Toe Exercises 

You can try some exercise on the toe, and this will strengthen the muscles within the joint. When the muscles are strengthened the pain will be relieved, and this will get rid of the pain.

7. joint Supplements

Certain supplements such as Anataflex contain active ingredients to reduce swelling and hence reduce pain. The ingredients include Boswellia Serrata Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Turmeric.
Another popular treatment is Flexoplex. This is made from an all natural proprietary blend of ingredients; this blend includes glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, rutin, Boswellia serrata, trypsin, cat’s claw bark powder, hyaluronic acid, and bromelain.

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